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In this place, you should get answers to most of your questions. If an important information is missing here, let us know on Discord!

What's the IP?


What's the IP for the Creative test server?


What's the Discord invite?


How to get the custom armor stand book?

Just take a book and quill, write something in it and then sign it with the name Statues. You need to take care that the capitalization matches!

How to toggle the Coords HUD?

/trigger ch_toggle

How many players have to sleep to skip the night?

Just one player.

How to found a town?

1) Be on Paxterya for more than one week.
2) Gather 5 citizens (including yourself).
3) DM TxT on Discord with your town name, its location, mayor and citizens.
4) If you're not too close to another town, your town will be announced on Discord and you'll get a Dynmap marker.

Note: If all citizens of your town haven't been online for more than 30 days, the town will turn into a ghost town.

How to start a shop in the shopping district

1) DM a Mod or Admin to get a spot assigned
2) Pay 1 dia block per plot (16x16)
3) ???
4) Profit