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Cinematic Competition - Let's showcase Paxterya!

2020-04-05. Author: ExxPlore

Paxterya needs advertising. And what better way of advertising is there than a compelling server trailer? Or even better: two of them! TxT and I (ExxPlore) will compete by each making the best cinematic we can to showcase all the amazing buildings on the server! There are no guidelines whatsoever, so everything's up to the contestants' creativity!

When both projects are finished, it will be up to the Paxteryans which cinematic they like better. There will be a vote, and the winner's cinematic will be the official channel trailer of Paxterya and be showcased on the website! The competition starts today and the deadline is April 19th, 8 PM CET!

I'm excited to start editing and curious to see what TxT comes up with. May the best cinematic win!

Paxterya Recap #7: Progress Report

2020-03-16. Author: ExxPlore

It's been a while since the last Paxterya Recap and even apart from the Underground Building Contest we posted about, lots and lots has happened on the server!

The Colosseum in the Town of Paxterya
The glass dome in Cookieville

New features on the website

Let's start with the changes on our website: under "Our World", there's now a page for each town to be showcased! Their main purpose is to give new Paxteryans an impression of all towns without having to travel thousands of blocks. This will facilitate their decision if and which town they want to join!
Then there's another feature that only whitelisted members have access to: all Paxteryans can now log into the member section (footer > login) and use the new bulletin board to organize trading!

Railway revamped

Remember the railway bridge from one of the first blog posts? Well, the Paxteryan Railway has grown big time, now connecting three towns: The Town of Paxterya, Penliam and Cookieville! It's not the fastest way of transport, it taking 6 minutes to get from the capital to Cookieville, but a very relaxing one.

2 new boxes in the Industrial District

Another large-scale project has expanded big time as well: The Industrial District now counts four boxes! The Iron Factory, Rocket Factory, Tree Farm and Supersmelter! Now it really is a district. This also means we now can get tons of resources to build huge monuments!

Massive builds

Speaking of huge monuments: two of them have been finished! The glass dome in Cookieville and the Colosseum in the Town of Paxterya now reached their full beauty!
And then there's been lots of smaller additions to the Town of Paxterya: the steampunk house, the wheat field, the barn, the graveyard and the Regal District and the Pleb District! At this point, more amazing things have been built than we can showcase in a single blog post; you'll have to check it out for yourself!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

2020-03-05. Author: ExxPlore

The Underground Building Contest has ended today! 14 members have rated 7 contestants' buildings, and today we did the math and can now announce:

The winner is: MushrooMax420

Congratulations to MushrooMax420 aka Escanor____ for winning breathtaking 104 diamonds! His cozy medieval house has convinced the electorate and he can now call himself the winner of the first ever building contest on Paxterya!

The winning house

Here's the rank list with each contestant's average stars out of five!

  • 1. MushrooMax420: 3.8718
  • 2. Veikmaster: 3.8077
  • 3. ExxPlore: 3.7308
  • 4. TxT: 3.7051
  • 5. SadQrwaRak (DQ): 3.5606
  • 6. triXtr: 3.4405
  • 7. kingofkittens123: 1.9286

We'd like to thank all contestants for their beautiful buildings, and all donors and voters who made this contest work! To check out all the participants' buildings, head on over to the Underground in the Town of Paxterya!

The Underground Building Contest

2020-02-23. Author: ExxPlore

As many of you know, TxT has quite the passion for caves in this season of Paxterya. In a first step, he dug out a big cave under the Town of Paxterya and filled it with houses, in a second step he dug out an even bigger cave. All that's left to do is filling it with beautiful buildings, which we will do in the context of our first building contest. Here's how it will go:

Let's fill this mysterious cave!
  • There are 7 plots in the Underground, each 11x13 blocks big. They are outlined with dirt. To reserve one of those plots and participate in the contest, message an admin on Discord and then head to the Underground in-game to put your name on an available plot.
  • As there is a prize pool for the winners, each participant is asked to contribute 2 diamonds (or more). If they can't afford it because they're new, they might find a donor on Discord! Also, all members who don't participate are welcome to donate diamonds to the prize pool as well. The diamonds can be delivered to the Town Hall, there's a chest you can't miss!
  • Between the different plots, big dirt walls have been put in place so that the contestants can't see other people's buildings before the voting phase. If they want to keep up the surprise, that is.
  • The building phase of the contest starts on Monday, 24th of February 2020 at 12 AM GMT+1 and ends on Monday, 2nd of March 2020 at 4 PM GMT+1. After the end of the building phase, screenshots will be taken of every contest building, so that all members can vote on them. Of course you'll can look at the buildings in-game, too.
  • The voting phase starts after the end of the building phase and ends three days later, on Thursday, 5th of March 2020 at 4 PM GMT+1. All Paxteryans will be asked to rate each building with 1-5 stars.
  • Then, the winners will be declared on Discord and in a blog post! 1st place get's 80% of the prize pool, 2nd and 3rd place get 10% each! Also, the top 3 will get to choose a player head of their choice, be it of a Paxteryan or a decorative one!


  • Message an admin to participate, reserve your plot in-game
  • Pay 2+ diamonds in the Town Hall (Building Contest chest)
  • Finish your building until March 2, 4 PM GMT+1
  • Rate the buildings with 1-5 stars until March 5, 4 PM GMT+1

Enough explanations, now let's get building and may the best builders win!

Paxterya Recap #6: The Paxteryan Renaissance

2020-02-17. Author: ExxPlore

Although the current season of Paxterya has been running for over two months now, it has experienced a new wave of motivation recently.

May I introduce to you: The Veterans

That motivation comes from a number of veterans (and non-veterans too) who (re)joined Paxterya. Veterans are those who were a member of the Ancient Paxterya back in 2017 and now rejoined our community. We're very happy to have the following veterans back on board: TheTelescreen, Setherz, Jmoose, Obisann, Blaubeerbaer and StarvingWolf!

Paxterya on 1.15.2

We've recently updated to version 1.15.2, but the thing everyone is actually waiting for is the release of the new Optifine version. We all can't wait to have Optifine, and especially shaders that will make our world look much more awesome, back! After two months of Optifine abstinence, we've learnt our lesson and from now on, we'll only update to newer Minecraft versions once Optifine is released. Let's face it: beautiful shaders and more FPS are more important than lava-floating Netherite items.

The small box next to the big box

3, 2, 1... Launch!

The Industrial District has a new box right next to the old box! The new box is a bit smaller than the old box, but a box is a box, right? It produces both gunpowder and sugarcane and thus our Elytra's fuel! For better orientation, we also added some pixel art to the buildings so that it's clear what's produced where. Sweet times being a citizen of the Town of Paxterya and being able to use these farms for free!

The YouTube Biz

Remember the YouTube channel we announced in the last Paxterya Recap? It is now active and there are already five videos. On the channel, we've already finished the forgotten tower in the Town of Paxterya, we've built an Infinity Room, we played Build Battle, and what's especially entertaining is the Hide and Seek video with a dozen of Paxteryans; check it out! We're looking forward to making more funny videos with the community in the future!

Paxterya Recap #5: Serious Roleplay!

2020-01-28. Author: ExxPlore

The Government of Paxterya

TxT has come up with the idea of creating a new, intercommunal, institution; the Government of Paxterya! Now this is more like the United Nations than a national government, as it consists of the admins and all mayors of the paxteryan towns; Veikmaster and jadesheep from the Town of Paxterya, ChryoFyre from Penliam, MrSprouse from Cookie Town and swabfu from the newly founded Paxterdam! The purpose of this committee is to better connect the different towns: reliable infrastructure, trade and diplomatic relations! For the latter, an embassy will be built in each town, as well as a headquarters of the Government of Paxterya on neutral grounds!

The enormous Iron Factory

The Industrial District

There's a new player in town. In the Town of Paxterya that is. The Industrial District is now a very substantial part of the town, not only due to its size, but also due to its economic importance! The Iron Factory, built by Escanor and decorated by many Paxteryans, produces unimaginable amounts of iron, available for free for all citizens of the Town of Paxterya! Paxteryans gave the enormous building, presumably the biggest one yet on the server, the lovely nickname "The Box". And then there is the Quarry, dug out by TxT, which is where all of your stone needs are now met! At the very bottom of it, there are prepared mineshafts for productive mining sessions!

Paxterya on YouTube!

Paxterya broadcasts itself!

Soon, Paxterya will be represented on another website you might have heard of! We're going to revive the old Paxterya YouTube channel which we used back in 2017, this time with more entertaining videos however! We're planning to do a Cinematic Competition between TxT and myself (ExxPlore), more details on that will be announced in a separate blog post! For now, feel free to head over to our freshly designed YouTube channel. We've got some fun ideas in mind and can't wait to show them to you!

Paxterya Recap #4: New Year's Resolutions!

2020-01-12. Author: ExxPlore

The new year has just begun (well, two weeks ago) and it will bring big changes to Paxterya! Without being a fortune teller, I think it's safe to say that at some point in 2020, there'll be a newer and bigger Paxterya! But for now, we're far from finished on our current map.

The beginnings of Cookie Town

Projects, projects, projects

To prove this point, have a look at our project list on Trello! It is continuously updated, so we'll be happy to include your build ideas! And keep in mind that this is only the project list of the Town of Paxterya, so who knows what other towns might be planning?

Cookie Town

Speaking of towns: There's a new one! Thanks to the delicious Cookie Town with its mayor MrSprouse, there are now three beautiful towns in the lands of Paxterya for new members to choose from! If you're new and want to join a town, just message the Town's mayor!

The Underground

Underground activities

What meets the eye is not all there is. This principle also applies to the Town of Paxterya, where you now can discover buildings in the Underground, too. Its location is highly classified (it's under TxT's house), so nobody really knows where it is, but if you knew where it was, it would definitely be worth a visit! At the time writing this, there's even a free plot left, so if you're a prepper, you should lose no time buying a plot in the safety of the Underground!

A looong bridge

The longest bridge yet

We started 2020 off with connecting humans. Isn't that beautiful? Many busy bees from the Town of Paxterya and Penliam helped out build a stunning railway bridge of nearly one kilometer in just a couple days! The result looks nice and will look awesome once Optifine 1.15 is out and we can look at it with shaders!
As a side note, another key infrastructure component has been added to the Town of Paxterya: A harbor, right next to the railway bridge! Our town is now officially ready for international guests and big business.

Paxterya Recap #3: Ready for 2020!

2019-12-30. Author: ExxPlore

Christmas is over, the gifts under the Christmas tree in the Town of Paxterya have been collected, and hopefully everyone recharged power for the upcoming year!

Infrastructure innovated

The central Nether hub

Despite the holidays, many Paxteryans still found time for playing some Minecraft, and some infrastructural milestones have been achieved!
The Nether hub, while far from finished, has majorly improved in both looks and logistics. There's now a post office with one chest for each Paxteryan where you can leave somebody a package before rapidly getting to the upper level of the hub via the new minecart elevator. But most importantly, it's safe!
And in the next year, much more infrastructure is to be expected; the Town government has already planned a harbor as well as a train station and rails to the other town, Penliam! If you want to take part in these or other projects, just message our mayors Veikmaster and jadesheep!

Communal consumerism

The communal gold farm

Three Paxteryans, Dexter, Escanor and ChryoFyre, have been busy like bees and provided awesome farms to the whole of Paxterya! In the Nether, you can get tons of gold from pigmen and in the End, you can get endless XP from Endermen! Pun intended.
And for all the other things you might need and can't get from those farms, check out one of the many shops that have been built in the Town of Paxterya! A good overview over all the shops can be found in our #marketplace Discord channel.

2020, the year of Paxterya

We wish you all a good start in the new year and warmly invite you to take part in the shaping of Paxterya if you're not already a member. We can't wait to see Paxterya evolve in 2020! See you next year!

Paxterya Recap #2: Feeling At Home In 1.15

2019-12-20. Author: ExxPlore

Another week has passed in the lands of Paxterya and lots of cool new things are to be discovered! Not only have we updated to Minecraft version 1.15, but many beautiful buildings have been added to the world as well!

The Town of Paxterya: A new Mayor!

The paxteryan Town Hall

The people had a choice: The old mayor TxT held its promise by organising a mayor election. TxT himself however did not candidate. But jadesheep and Veikmaster did! And the winner was… both of them! The candidates not being very competetive and the citizens approving, it just so happened that the Town of Paxterya now has a government of two people! We're looking forward to seeing the town prosper under our new leaders.
Their task will be to organize the town: new citizen must be registered, people ought to pay taxes to finance public infrastructure, and finally the aesthetics of the town must be managed, too. Lots of important tasks we shall be grateful for for being in competent hands!

The first member-founded town: Penliam

Not only have there been major developments in the Town of Paxterya, as there now is another town in our world! Penliam, with its mayor ChryoFyre, is located a kilometer south-west of the Town of Paxterya and thus outside the snowy tundra. As every town gets an area on the map that they exclusively control, Penliam can easily be found on our Dynmap, too. It seems to be medieval-themed as well and it's definitely worth a visit! The Town of Paxterya wishes Penliam good progress and hopes to build trustful trade relations one day!

The demise of the Ender Dragon

In a swift and effective order-to-kill mission which lasted no longer than 10 minutes, an ensemble of blood-thirsty warriors took on the fight with the Ender Dragon. The latter stood no chance and was crushed before he even fully realized what was going on.
The End is now conquered, but our journey has only just begun!

Paxterya Recap #1: A Beautiful Start

2019-12-08. Author: ExxPlore

Paxterya Beta 2 has been online for one week now and lots of cool things happened. In the Paxterya Recap series, we want to regularly give you some insight into what is happening on the server. So let's get into it!

The center of the Town of Paxterya

After the slight surprise at the beginning that the spawn is in a snow biome, the first few settlers started to like the idea of a cozy wooden hut in a wintry environment, now that Christmas is nearing. So they founded a town in the midst of the crisp-cold area.

The Town center from South

The Town of Paxterya

The first town, at the center of the world, is currently run by its mayor TxT. He promised elections though, so if you want to have a say, become a town citizen by simply building a (medieval-themed) house there! We're happy to see that a handful of people already moved to our prospering town and contributed neat houses! If you're not yet living in the Town of Paxterya, we suggest you do it soon as long as there are good spots left!

Your own Town

In case you don't like the medieval theme, why not found your very own town with its own theme? As soon as you have three houses from three different people in an area, the Town of Paxterya will recognize your status and be looking forward to building a diplomatic relation!

Paxterya Beta 2 Now Up and Running!

2019-12-01. Author: ExxPlore

Today was the (semi)big day! We've made another milestone towards Paxterya's big launch: Paxterya Beta 2 was opened!
If all those Paxteryas and launches got you confused, here's a quick overview:

June 3rd, 2017

An SMP launched. Historians refer to it as "The Original Paxterya". After its downfall, there was a long period of nothingness. Until it was agreed upon to revive this glorious name.

September 23rd, 2019

Paxterya Beta launched. Just an ordinary SMP where members needed to apply in a Discord channel. Oldschool! Died out after a few months, the players not knowing what to build next. Classic Minecraft problem we try to approach with Paxterya's ongoing development!

December 1st, 2019

Paxterya Beta 2 launched. New world, new motivation, new ideas, and also: new website! The applications are no longer done in public forums, but via our application form! Your chance to join the community and lay the foundation for the future!

What's next?

At some point in the future, Paxterya will be sophisticated enough for us to remove the Beta from its name. Until then, let's build another unique world in our favorite game of all!

Hello World! This Is Paxterya Under Construction!

2019-11-20. Author: ExxPlore

Welcome on the brand new website of Paxterya, a soon-to-be Vanilla Minecraft server! Minecraft has been revived lately and we don't want to miss out on that. We, that is TxT and ExxPlore, are the admins of Paxterya. A while ago, we already hosted a Minecraft survival server which was tons of fun. But this time it's going to be even better! We present to you the basic concept of Paxterya:

Vanilla Survival

On Paxterya, you get the full Vanilla Minecraft experience. You start from scratch like in Singleplayer, but with the advantage of a welcoming community around you!

The Spawn Hub on Paxterya

Build a Town

Our goal is to build a medieval themed town around the spawn of the map. If you are not a fan of this building style or if you would rather live on your own, then you can also explore the world and set your own base up.

Be Independent

If you don't choose to build in the spawn area, you can go rural and build in whatever style you like outside of our town! Our world has no limits besides the sky! You could even create your own cities and communities or build huge farms.

Vanilla-ish Survival?

Well, when we say Vanilla we mean that your experience is just like in Vanilla singleplayer, with some modifications to make playing together smoother. This includes a plugin with which only half the players need to sleep, Dynmap, so you can view Paxterya's map wherever you go, and last but not least a plugin that helps us figuring out who burned your home down. If so.

Sounds good?

Did this quick overview make you feel like joining? Paxterya is going to launch on December 1st, 2019, but you can already join our Discord server and apply! See you soon!